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The case highlights the incident where the Merck discovered that one of its medicines Vioxx, targeting arthritis, could greatly increase the chance of stroke or heart attack in the patient by doubling it. This was a cause of concern for the company and Merck decided to pull the product form the shelves and order a call back. However following the call back one of the arthritis patients who had been taking the drug for almost 14 months died due to a stroke while being in exceptionally healthy condition and having a sound longevity background.

The son of the patient pursued to sue the company for releasing a harmful drug into the market and not realizing the mistake early on. The company as a result since then has faced significant set backs in terms of its share prices, its brand image and the overall reliability, trust and reputation of the brand name and the company itself. The following sections highlight how the issue of the Vioxx was handled by the management, the recall strategy employed by the company and the consequences that the issue had on the company. Aside from this the role of theClevelandclinic and the role of the FDA are also analyzed.

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Essay: Merck’s Vioxx Catastrophe
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