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In finger printing technology various tolls and materials are employees to develop and lift prints a well as to attain information from the prints. In cases where oil and skin form the hand is left in the finger print, DNA analyzing technology and relevant materials are employed to identify the DNA of the person as well as to develop the finger print for identification.

Aside form this superglue is also used to collect finger prints form crime scenes in order to record them in the systems for fingerprint matching and identification. When it comes to fingerprinting powders, a variety of them are available in the market. These powders have been “used successfully for over 100 years and fingerprints powdered at crime scenes still account for over 50% of fingerprint identifications in the UK. This demonstrates the continued importance of this cheap and easy technique. Recently HOSDB has published guidance on the most effective powdering techniques for a variety of surfaces.” (‘Finger Prints and Footwear Marks’)

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Essay: Methodology in Fingerprinting
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