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In 2005, the revenue of the corporation grew from $9.29 billion to $10.16 billion (‘Computer demand boosts Microsoft ‘, 2005) largely based on the healthy demand that the company experienced in all kits sectors of business. Especially in the consumer and business segments the Microsoft Cooperation has been observing a high level of demand for its products and services (‘Microsoft Corp.’s software in high demand’, 2008).

Operation in a large multinational scale, the Microsoft Corporation has set up specific strategies to meet the demand of their customers as well as provide them with superior quality products and services at an affordable cost. The Microsoft Corporation as a result has invested in extensive supply chain planning and the management of its value chain to provide a healthy aggregate supply to meet the demand in the market. While the company is one of the few large companies operating in the industry, the Microsoft Corporation has still managed to build a large network of distribution system and a supporting marketing system which enables the company to market and sell its products to the consumers around the world.

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Essay: Microeconomic Thinking in Microsoft Cooperation
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