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One of the most significant examples of the level of consumerism depicted by the societies in Middle East with limited modesty is the spending and expenditures that they tend to make on their wedding occasions. The men as well as the women want the best that money can afford for their wedding dress, setting as well as in the form of wedding gifts and presents. “In January 2009, thousands of brides-to-be descended on The Bride Show in Abu Dhabi.

According to online newspaper, the exhibition suggests that the ‘UAE wedding industry remains resilient in the face of the global downturn’. Organizer IIR Middle East is now expecting the bigger sister event (to take place from 8-11th April in Dubai) to thrive. A survey conducted by IIR Middle East showed that more than a third of visitors (34%) would spend between AED 100,000 and AED 250,000 on their big day. Up to one third of the money is spent on jewels alone.”  (The credit crunch: The impact on consumers in the Middle East, 2009)[1]

[1] “The credit crunch: The impact on consumers in the Middle East”, Euromonitor Archive, 2009, accessed April 7, 2009 from

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Essay: Middle East and Consumerism increase
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