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The Middle Eastern region has been the hub of trading activity for centuries with the local nomadic people taking up trade to support their lives in region of barren land and few oases. The religion in the Middle Eastis predominantly Islam, which is a religion of simplicity and honesty. The culture and traditions in the Arab world particularly in theMiddle Easttake a strong influence from religion focusing on simplicity, generosity and brotherhood. The region is also blessed with enriched deposits of natural resources in the form of crude oil. The crude oil forms one of the main exports for the region, with the Middle Eastern supplying other countries in the world to satisfy over 60 percent of the crude oil demand.

Globalization is a world wide phenomenon which has become much more pronounced with the advancements that have taken place in the communication technology like the World Wide Web. The prominent position of the countries in the Middle Eastmaking them a link between Europe and Asia, or more particularly the West and the East makes them highly strategic locations for trade.Dubaiwhich has been declared as aFreeportsince the 1990s has been serving as a link between the Western countries that have even importing and exporting goods and services with countries in Asia and Australia. The strategic location of region has encouraged the spread of globalization in the region brought on by the western retail businesses and fast food chains. Aside from this the advantage in information technology and the IT based businesses in the Middle Easthave also vastly contributed towards the globalization in region.



Essay: Middle East and Globalization
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