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The people from these countries have brought their own culture and their lifestyles along with their tastes and demands for products and services which have contributed to an increase in the product and service offering being made by businesses and retail operations in the region.

“The strategic focus of the philistine swell of cultural inundation following in the wake of globalization is not only on promoting consumerism for expanding markets for transnational corporations working in close alliance with multinational banks, using the World Wide Web to bypass borders and regulations of nation states, but it also “aims at implanting in people’s minds bland, illusory and often downright false and reactionary perceptions of national and international environments…develop consumer instincts in the people to the utmost, to transfer the people’s consciousness on to philistine narrow-minded lines, to emasculate as far as possible the socio-political activity of mass consciousness, and to divert people from advanced social ideals,” ultimately enervating civil society” (Bhattacharya)[1] This has again significantly contributed to the aggression of consumerism with the local Arab population adopting the lifestyle of the expatriates.

[1] Bhattacharya, P., “Back to the Future: Urbanization, Globalization and Consumerism”, 2003, accessed April 7, 2009 from

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Essay: Middle East Globalization
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