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With the increase in the level of consumerism the culture of the Middle East, its heritage and its traditional values as well as national identity have come under threat. The Middle Eastregion has had a highly protected society, which in the recent years has been exposed to international communities as well as foreign nationals. In turn they have been impressed by their lifestyles, their open culture and their consumerist spending trends which have quickly been copied by the members of the younger generation in this region.

The merger and consolidation of the large corporations and retail businesses that have migrated to the Middle East in order to attain benefits form the progressive economic climate in the Middle Easthas also fueled the consumerist in the region. “This stability has become greatly affected by all multinational and transnational companies that have spread all over the world markets. These companies are penetrating any country’s stability without even taking into consideration the political independence, national integration or national identity.” (Zaza, 2002)[1]

[1] Zaza, B., “Arab Speakers See Threat to Culture by Globalization”, Gulf News, 2002, accessed April 7, 2009 from

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Essay: Middle Eastern Culture and Consumerism
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