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Milgram undertook research and experiments to identify the relationship between obedience and conformity and what provokes a person to conform to obedience. “Obedience to authority and the atrocities that often go with it has been a part of human existence since as far back as we can go.  Not very long ago, we have the Nazi example.

More recently, we have Idi Amin’sUgandaand Pol Pot’sCambodia, and “ethnic cleansing” in Bosnia.  And even us red-blooded Americans have the massacre at Mai Lai inVietnamon our conscience, not to mention the treatment received by Native Americans, African Americans, immigrants, and laborers over our mere two centuries of existence.” (Boeree, 1999) In the experiment he strapped volunteers to a chair and administered electric shock to them on the basis of the responses of the volunteers to the questions being asked. The interesting part of this study however is that, the questions being asked and the shocks being administered were done so by another volunteer, therefore separating Milgram from the study to an extent.

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Essay: Milgram’s study on Social Behavior
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