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The mobile marketing option provides marketers and companies with multiple options of getting their message across to the customers. The various streams that make up mobile based marketing or mobile device specific marketing include marketing through SMS and marketing through MMS. In SMS marketing advertisement based messages are texted to the audience. The MMS is also similar to SMS based marketing, however the content being delivered to the audience is different as images and graphic content can also be sent along with the text. Other marketing strategies employed using mobile devices pertain to blue tooth marketing and infrared marketing.

In infrared marketing, the marketing content is delivered to the audience through the infrared communication channel. However this has limitations in terms of a short range of 1 meter only. The Bluetooth marketing incorporates sending promotional messages and content through the blue tooth wireless technology that is based on radio waves and free of charge Bluecasting is also a recently developed marketing service that employs pod casting. It “involves poster or press ads that ask consumers to enable their Bluetooth connection in order to allow a download to their phone. The recent poster ad campaign for the launch of the Coldplay album X&Y, from a company called Filter, invited users to switch on their Bluetooth function to download samples from the album.” (Bonello, 2006)

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Essay: Mobile Based Marketing Options
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