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The aspect of mobile marketing is very attractive to the companies as it provides them with numerous advantages that pertain to relevance, cost effective and positive results with feedback. “Sports organizations now offer mobile components alongside stadium signage or Jumbotron ads, and mobile features can be incorporated into print and television campaigns through text-to-enter contests or other offers. Costs vary: Jeff Vick, president ofAtlantamobile marketing firm FanDrive Media, says a season-long mobile sponsorship package with an NHL or NBA team can cost between US$25,000 and $75,000.” (Catto, 2007)

The mobile marketing option is highly interactive while also allowing for personalization. This creates a significant impact in the marketing campaign for any company as they can deliver messages to their customers and target markets pertaining to any special offers, mobile based coupons, and receive alerts about new sales, product offering and updates. The personalized aspect of the marketing option allows the companies to receive direct feedback on their promotional activities from the target markets and target the market segments and customers for personalized multimedia advertising and promotional campaigns.

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Essay: Mobile Devices Marketing benefits
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