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A research carried out by Tsang et al, published in 2004 highlights that as mobile marketing takes off and becomes popular amongst advertisers, the number of advertisements and promotions being disbursed through the channel is increasing. This has led to some issues that can be disadvantageous for the marketing channel.

“The present research investigates consumer attitudes toward mobile advertising and the relationship between attitude and behaviour. An instrument for measuring attitudes toward mobile advertising is developed. The results of a survey indicate that (1) consumers generally have negative attitudes toward mobile advertising unless they have specifically consented to it, and (2) there is a direct relationship between consumer attitudes and consumer behaviour. Thus it is not a good idea to send SMS advertisements to potential customers without prior permission.” (Tsang et al, 2004)

Market researchers have depicted that there is evidence pertaining to the fact that customers often get annoyed and irked by messages sent though mobile marketing as they find it intrusive in their personal space.

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Essay: Mobile Devices Marketing Disadvantages
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