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The mobile marketing option is convenient and can be integrated by the company with its other marketing channels and activities campaigns to support the overall marketing campaign of the company. “Adding a mobile component to your marketing campaigns is as simple as saying “I want my ads served,” says Andy Nulman, of Airborne Entertainment.” (Catto, 2007) The companies can also incorporate mobile marketing in their customer relationship programs with the personalized messages and content being delivered to their existing customers.

This can enhance their customer relationship building activities by providing a medium for two way communication. “Case studies from Japan indicate that marketers can conduct mobile campaigns aimed at building a large database of potential customers, better understanding customers through data mining, crafting outbound campaigns targeted at specific consumer segments, and easily measuring the effectiveness of campaigns. The ability to market to consumers according to their location and certain handset features (such as using the phone as a means of effecting payment) also has interesting applications for marketers.” (Ferris, 2007)

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Essay: Mobile Marketing Advantages
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