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Companies have been generating email lists and contact details to enable themselves to target their existing as well as their potential customers through the mobile marketing channel. “Vans Warped tour, for example, Cingular and handset manufacturer Samsung generated 65,000 names, e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers from Web site registrations for Warped tour mobile alerts. Aggregator Infospace Mobile was able to generate similar lists from 167,000 contest entries in on-site promotions for Samsung, Cingular and various artists.” (Banergee, 2004) Cingular intends to use the lists to provide information to their customers on Nelly and the related Sweepstakes with the mobile marketing campaign titled ‘What’s Hot’.

The company stated that using this technology they would be able to determine what kind of music is preferred by their customers and their specific purchase patterns.  “Infospace Mobile and Cingular have re-teamed alongside Universal Records for a sweepstakes-based campaign called Nelly on Your Celly. The winner gets a phone call from rap artist Nelly”. (Banergee, 2004)

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Essay: Mobile marketing by Companies
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