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Even though the mobile marketing channel provides many advantages to the marketing companies and advertisers, it can have certain disadvantages as well. Essentially when the advertisers send promotions to the target market, they send messages that could be taken by the customers as annoying. The aspect of customer annoyance is of prime importance as when the customers are exposed to promotional messages from multiple advertisers on a frequent basis they ca become annoyed and put off from the advertisements as a whole. This can create a negative image and perception of the company, the brand or the product/ service offering being advertised.

Messages that provoke the customer to provide feedback can also increase the ire of the customers. Moreover the chances of a person replying to a similar survey against is very unlikely given he has taken a similar survey or provided response to a similar query before as well. This can significantly decrease the response rate for the marketers. The receivers of messages via the mobile marketing channel can also perceive the advertisements and the promotions sent to be violations of their personal space and privacy, This is because the hand held mobile devices are often regarded as personal property and such messages provided on the devices can seem as invasions of privacy to some people. Additionally, when messaging or text messaging to the consumers, the marketers are often restricted to limiting their message to a limited number of characters that are supported in SMS.

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Essay: Mobile Marketing Disadvantages
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