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Mobile marketing is a new phenomenon in the field of marketing. “Mobile commerce opportunities cover mobile initiatives that are designed to achieve strategic change in downstream activities through direct interaction with the customer.” (Mylonakis, 2004) The concept has been established and received immense growth due to the increase in the sale and the use of the hand held mobile devices like mobile phones, PDA, I-Pods, I-Phones and other hand held devices that have communication ability or access to the internet. “Mobile marketing encompasses to marketing communication activities such as advertising and customer retention that employ wireless devices and networks.” (Gewei, 2007) Wireless technology has evolved significantly in the last decade giving rise to increase in mobile marketing.

Many companies and marketing companies are finding it attractive to market through mobile web based devices. “Mobile technology provides companies with a great number of marketing options. Mobile marketing is considered as a new and effective communication channel to the benefit of consumers” (Mylonakis, 2004) The reasons pertain to the fact that text messaging and sending promotional messages to web based devices is very cost effective

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Essay: Mobile marketing
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