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The debit card exposes the customers to an increased risk on the internet medium, as compared to credit cards, resulting in them being cautious of the use of their debit cards. They are much better suited to high street physical retail shops. As the company has diverse nature of operations the credit card based loyalty program is much more feasible.

            The credit based loyalty card provided by Best Buy should be branded as part of the loyalty program for Best Buy, through the ATL as well as the BTL campaigns (in store). Moreover the discount rates to be provided to the customers should be raging for 5-15 % depending on the types of items bought and the total purchase. Aside from this the company can provide the customers with rewards which can be earned by the customers on the basis for points on their purchases, i.e., 5 points for purchases of $50 etc. Other benefits can include free products in special promotion, gifts and giveaways.

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Essay: Modifying the Loyalty Card to Suit Best Buy
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