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The performance of the customer service can be measured simply by the response of the customers after they have purchased a product or a service at the retail outlet. Speicifc CRM systems can be placed at the exit doors as well as at the sitting arrangements which would prompt the customer to choose an emoticon form amongst which best suits their mood. This instantaneous and simple response can help gauge the customer satisfaction at the different retail outlets.

The resources that would be used for the monitoring and the analysis of performance under the mentioned action plan would include funds for capital and innovative technological investments at the branches as well as the human resource which would have to be trained according to the specific procedures and policies of customer service at Starbucks. The costs of the improvements made in the quality would pertain to higher cash outflows for the initial years. Moreover time may be required to efficiently train the staff and effectively integrate the retail branches/ shops in a controlled network. The benefits however would pertain to high brand equity, higher revenues as well as increase in the company’s market share. Moreover the company would also achieve customer satisfaction, loyalty and word of mouth marketing from improved operations and product and service quality.

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Essay: Monitoring and Evaluation at Starbucks
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