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Monopolistic power is created when a firm in the market has substantial size and resources to compete ahead of other firms and create barriers of entry for them while managing and controlling the operations of the industry through the large size of the firm and the influence that the firm has with its suppliers and customers.  Microsoft gets its monopolistic power due to its pioneering status as the provider of operating systems for Intel based computing systems.

The company acquiring the right to license the software’s for Intel based systems which enabled the company to promote its own products while control the ones manufactured by its competitors in the market. The result was that the company now has the largest share of the market almost 90 percent and became “the leading supplier of operating systems for PCs. The company transacts business in all fifty of theUnited Statesand in most countries around the world.” (‘Findings of Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson’, 1999)

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Essay: Monopoly by Microsoft
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