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In the past few years, especially due to the awareness created in the public through consumer action programs and main stream media about environment sustainability and green living, the concept of providing for a sustainable environment for the future has become a priority for many industries. One of the most influenced industries which have had to change themselves in order to correspond with the pro environmentalist activity on the world is the construction and building industry.

The construction industry has been growing exponentially as the population of the world grows. Moreover the better economy of the region as well as the increased incomes of the people has made them desire finer standards of living and new homes and work places. This required encroaching on the natural habitats and the land previously unmarked by human civilization.  The environment protectionists laws in theUnited Kingdompertaining to theUKconstruction industry include provisioning for mostly pertain to project planning, environment protection, waste management as well as water and noise pollution.  “A study of the litigation reported in the principal specialist construction law sources reinforces the significance of these themes through the identification of the case law embodying them. There are other areas of impact and potential impact: visual/aesthetic harm, harm to acoustic amenity, the use and removal of deleterious materials (such as asbestos) and other ‘indirect’ risks. (Lavers & Shiers, 2000)

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Essay: Natural Environment protection Programs
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