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As it has been provided the UK government has not been able to comprehensively tackle the issue of discrimination regardless of the amendments being made in the legislature pertaining to discrimination. This is mostly because the fact that the UK takes on the Human Rights legislation form the European Union which does not in some circumstances cater to the society and the communities residing in the UK.

The lack of implementation and provision for the constitutional rights of all parties causes discrepancies resulting in discriminatory issues. “This may leave vulnerable marginalized groups or individuals, who fall outside of the scope of the legislation, since they cannot challenge the limitations of the legislation in protecting their economic, social or cultural rights.”  And “Someone who falls outside of the general provision made by social security legislation, for example asylum seekers deprived of benefits under section 55 of the Nationality Immigration and Asylum Act 2002, cannot claim redress before the courts on the grounds that their rights to social security under Article 9 of the Covenant have been violated.”(‘Economic and Social Rights in the UK’, 2004)

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Essay: Need of Anti-Discriminatory Act
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