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The evolution of the network security is highly dependent on the evolution of the network systems their increasing functions and characteristics as well as the evolution of the infringement and hacking strategies employed by the network attackers and invaders. The nature of the network has fast developed in the past three decades form being based on coaxial cable like wiring to wireless and virtual private networks based on satellite communication and broadband lines.

“The evolution of different wireless standards (known as 802.11 standards) in the late 1990s produced an astonishing volume of global demand for wireless networks. Many organizations and residential computer users have embraced the convenience and mobility of the wireless networks.” (Vakil, 2005) However the nature of the networks which makes them mobile and accessible from remote locations has made network security more difficult a task for the telecommunication network manager and administrator. Increasingly complex programs, software and firewalls are required to protect such networks against unauthorized access

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Essay: Network Security Evolution
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