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Network security is an increasing phenomenon which is used to combat the increasing threat of attacks on the private information being transferred and stored on the internet. The need for the network security has increased due to the increase in the traffic on the internet (Cardoso), the rapidly advancing technology available to everyone at low costs and the high skill and orientation of the people in the market pertaining to information technology, LANs, and WANs.

The network security is required to manage for the compliance issues a company may have with the government for the industry. Aside from this the network security  is also required for controlling malware, controlling the guest access to the systems and the network, controlling the endpoints by scanning all the devices that are connected to the network for identifying if there is any unauthorized device infringing upon the network. Moreover remote access also needs to be managed so that no other parties aside from the authorized users are able to have access to the networks. The main objective being implementing network security is to protect the sensitive and private information for outsider as well as insider threats. Therefore the focus of the network security should be more upon the protection of the data being stored on the network, and the data being transferred through the network, instead of simply protecting the network architecture.

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Essay: Network Security
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