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Their new objective is to portray fast food as a healthy alternative. As a result McDonalds and, KFC and Burger Kind, all three have invested I their menus to make them more green and healthy. Aside from this the companies have also significantly increased their advertising and marketing budgets for targeting the European region. In fact the fast food giant McDonalds has significantly made progress sin the European market after its experience in the American market.

The company along with Denis Hennequin, the European head of McDonald’s has revived the culture of fast food in France which is the most anti American country inEurope. In 2006 “European sales increased by 5.8% and the number of customers by 3.4%, the best annual results in nearly 15 years.Europeaccounted for 36% of the group’s profits and for 28% of its sales. December was an especially good month as customers took to seasonal menu offerings inFranceandBritain, and to a promotion inGermanybased on the game of Monopoly. Mr Hennequin’s recipe for revival is to be more open about his company’s operations, to be “locally relevant”, and to improve the experience of visiting his 6,400 restaurants. McDonald’s is blamed for making people fat, exploiting workers, treating animals cruelly, polluting the environment and simply for being American. Mr Hennequin says he wants to engage in a dialogue with the public to address these concerns.” (‘Happy Meal’, 2007)

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Essay: New strategies adopted by fast Food chain
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