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Non legislative measures that can be employed in order to decrease the discretion in any region and society pertain to reforming strategies that are implemented in at the grass root level to bring about a change in a particular region. The best strategy that can be employed as a non legislative measure for countering discrimination and related issues pertaining to gender, race and disability discrimination take the form of exposure to the issue sand creating awareness in the public.

The fist strategy is to make the discriminated party or community aware of their basic rights as individuals residing in the UK. Consequently the general public also needs to be made aware about the effects of discrimination and how the restriction and elimination of discrimination can be beneficial for all. Specific development programs at school and college levels are implemented whereby the people are educated against discrimination. This awareness lessens the extent of stereotyping in the society paving way for a more diversified society which can interact and stay harmonious without discrimination against specific communities on the basis of gender, race and disabilities.

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Essay: Non-Legislative Measure for anti- Discrimination
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