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The graphical and the numerical analysis in the study pertained to the analysis conducted for the primary research carried out. The primary research employed 120 useable questionnaire instruments off the 150 questionnaire which were originally filled by the respondents. The other 30 were disregarded due to lack of information and incorrect filling out of the instrument. From the 120 questionnaire instruments which were usable, the analysis was conducted using frequency distribution, t tests and correlation formulas.

Multidimensional scaling helped identify the factors effecting decision making for the respondents. Tables were used in the research paper to depict the results of the study. The tables highlighted the responses of the respondents form the traditional Chinese and western pharmacies. Their responses were put against their usage of the medicines. The types of the traditional Chinese medicine in the table pertained to medicines prepared form plant source, those prepared from animal source sand those that were either prescribed by a traditional Chinese medicine based physical and the ones which were commercially prepared and sold in the markets. These were plotted against the use of the medicine by the respondents in term of daily, weekly, monthly usage.

The information that was depicted in the tables could have been better presented by clarifying the elements being depicted. Moreover graphs could have been used to depict the deviation and trend of the responses. Additionally a comparison of the respondents in favors of traditional Chinese medicine and those in favor of the western medicine could have been plotted against their perspectives and attributes.

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Essay: Numerical Analysis of Research on Medicine
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