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The main objective of the concurrent utilization review is to make sure that the peoples/ patients in the inpatients as well as the outpatients function or departments have to stay the minimum required and needed time in the facility. This is to ensure that the other patients waiting in line for service and attention can be providing the medical care facility in the hospital and medical centers without congestion and lack of service quality in the facility and aid provided to them. This basically means that the workflow for the incoming and the treatment of the patients has to be managed and utilized in order to ensure that all customers get a standardized form of treatment in the medical facility.

As mentioned earlier this is one of the main strengths of the concurrent utilization review. The weakness of the concurrent utilization review however pertains to the fact that these reviews have to take place while the process and business procedures for the inpatient and outpatient functions are active. This means the medical facility has to be fully operational at the time of review and the review as a result can impede on the quality and the performance or even the utilization rate of the processes. Moreover the second weakness of the concurrent review is the fact that it requires a pre-admission approval to take place.

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Essay: Objective of the concurrent utilization review
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