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The objectives of the Anheuser Busch pertain to increasing the market share by increasing the consumption of beer in the international market. Aside from this the company also is striving to target and capture the majority in the South Asian/ East Asian market for alcoholic as well as non alcoholic beverages, malts and beers. The company simultaneously however is also focusing on its packaging and entertai8nment business. Anheuser Busch wants to further develop and establish its packaging and entertainment business outside theUnited Statesas well in order to introduce a steady level of growth as well as operative and cost efficiency in the company.

The objective of the use of the balanced score card technique for measuring the performance of the Anheuser Busch companies through out its operations is to identify, and highlight the different rends in the performance of the company according towards the business, the customers of the company as well as towards the learning of the organization. Therefore the company is evaluated through its financial reports, its business processes, its performance ratios as well as through the perception of the customers and consumers in the market.

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Essay: Objectives and Goals of Anheuser Busch
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