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The objectives of the company pertain to establishing a leading position for the company in the local as well as the international beer and beverage market. Other objectives of the company pertain to focusing and maintaining a customer centric point of view and orientation in the company as well as promoting efficiency and innovation for the company through its research facilities, operations, and marketing and communication functions.

The Scottish & Newcastle company is a market leader in six of the large European markets which include United Kingdome,Russia and France. Moreover the company also is host to some of the largest brands in the international beer industry, specifically Sagres and Fosters. The acquisition of the company with the Group Scottish & Newcastle has enables the SCC company to further develop and become more of a global organization. The company now has the support of the technical skills, the financial sourcing as well as the professional training and established standards as set by the Scottish & Newcastle. However the company has also adopted the sustainability principles as dictated by the Scottish andNewcastle. These principles pertain to sustainability in the market place, sustainability in the Workplace, in the community as well as in the internal and external environment through the operation of the company

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Essay: Objectives of Central de Cervejas
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