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The main advantage of this system is that it tends to accelerate the process of the research and reduces the time taken for hiring investigators, collection of secondary documents, communication and data sharing as well as monitoring the investigative sites. The users of the system can sign in through a designated portal and the reach information is shown in one place making it easier for the researcher to keep track of the progress for the study.

The system has helped in displacing costs for our company by reducing the funds previously spent on support staff. By replacing the support staff with the system we have been able to save up on the funds previously spent on their remuneration, training and development. Instead the use of the system has also resulted in value addition for the company. This is because the use of the eClinical Collaboration suite has resulted in improvements in the productivity of the managerial and the productive staff. The time taken to conduct has dramatically been reduced resulting in faster results without compromises to the study./ Similarly the probability for errors in the process and the research is also minimized as the support services are not performed by humans but by the support technology in place.

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Essay: Office Automation Advantages
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