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However in order to be able to use the system, the employees at the company needed to be trained on the software. This increased the training costs for the company. Moreover employee hired since the induction of the eClinical Collaboration suit, required to be given hands on training in the suite.

Business and operation synergy are also important elements of the suit. The software provides integration of multiple tasks on a single platform. Additionally the value provided by teleconferencing online and sharing information through the suite is more enhanced as the company already had a policy of sharing information through online and digital means. The software has also been able to help integrating the social environment in the organization. The diverse nature of the people inducted in the organization makes way for conflicts but the software and the common business platform and terminology offered by the suite minimizes the errors while increasing sharing and trading of information in the company.

Conclusively right now the choice of the organization concerning the collaboration system has been providing productive results however in the future in order to stay competitive the company might be investing in more innovative systems that are able to efficiently deal with operations on a much larger scale.

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Essay: Office Automation Systems
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