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Aside from having the numerous advantages as depicted earlier in the essay, online journalism and electronic technology based newspapers available on the internet have significant constraints and limitations as well. The ease of dissemination and availability of diverse range of information online as well as the freedom of speech offered on the internet makes way for ethical issues. These issues pertain to publishing of wrong and misguiding information, publishing unverified information as well as back lashing and targeting individuals negatively on the internet through online journalism. Moreover it is also sometimes difficult for the reader to distinguish between websites having credible sources of information and websites which are not supported with research and verified sources. “There are also limitations in online journalism regarding the issues of surveillance, censorship and privacy.” (Rayment, 2004)

The highly versatile nature of the internet medium and its decentralization puts another constraint on it in terms of limitations. While on one hand the internet provides access to all for information accessing and publishing as well as encouraging fast and easy dissemination of information and information sharing, this specific characteristic of the internet and online journalism also makes way for privacy issues, censorship issues as well as those of control and regulation.

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Essay: Online Journalism Drawbacks
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