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Online retailers should also invest in string brand images in order to create awareness of their entity and the product and services offered in the target markets. Especially for new entrants a well rounding marketing and branding strategy is essential to introduce the business in the market and attract the customers to the website. “Retailers must realise that their Web sites aren’t merely supporting their high street stores, but are becoming the favoured channel for many consumers.

Therefore the positive elements of the high street experience should be replicated online. This means large stock range, personal service, reliability and brand experience, as well as the convenience that the Internet already offers.” (Dawson, 2006) Aside from this the online retailers also have to brandish the security concerns of the customers by increasing the security of the data being managed and handles in the online environment and ensuring the safety of the credit card records and payment transactions of the customers. The lack of proper security have led to security scares that greatly impact the trustworthiness of the brand which is a crucial factor when customers think of repurchase based on their previous experiences as well as those incurred by their peers.

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Essay: Online retailing
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