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The possible opportunities that are available to the organization pertain to providing the parents while extended services pertaining to childcare in the form of early childhood education, kindergarten education and training as well as preparation of children to commence grade school.

Aside from this there is also a trend of increased number of volunteers seeking work opportunities in the preschool childcare segment (Venkataith, 1999, p105). This provides an opportunity for the company to have access to and employ volunteers to cater to larger number of preschoolers while also enabling the organization to expand the operations of the establishment

Aside from this due to the developing nature of public policy regarding childcare, subsidies can be made available to the organization for the purpose of expanding their services regarding childcare. A case of subsidized child care is available in Singapore(‘Government Child Care Subsidy’, 2002) and due to recent trends it can be applied to the organization as well. 

The threats that are faced from action groups which claim that childcare is the responsibility of the parents, particularly the mother (White, 2004), and while on one hand childcare use has increased, budget consciousness in the recent economic environment has reduced the consumption of outsources child care services by families in the face of increased unemployment.

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Essay: Opportunity and Threats for Child Care Organization
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