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The foundation to all these problems was yet another wrong decision taken by the management to hire SC consultants to implement the system but the SC team on the project had just one experience member whereas the rest were fresh graduates with nil experience plus this was the first time SC consultants was implementing the RMA module which is why they faced major issues and the module was dropped from the contract while keeping aside the fact that RMA was a core business activity in Maxima. The SC team lacked technical knowledge which caused major project delays and all problems could not be addressed due to their lack of knowledge. The management overlooked these problems and made sure the implementation continues without realizing the havoc their decision would wreak in the near future. The end users were not involved in the implementation until the end phase which was the user acceptance test and that is when the major problems upshot because the people who had to use the system were ignored throughout the implementation phase. The processes turned out to be complex and time consuming more of a manual process compared to the legacy system therefore it was prone to errors. After a six month hard work the system was ready to be used but only 60% of the modules were used in reality which is a cost to the company. All subsidiaries did not implement the system only three or four did which ultimately eradicated the major purpose of an ERP system that is integration of the business at all levels.

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Essay: Oracle ERP Implementation at Maxima
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