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The organization can be depicted in terms of the culture that exists in it. The organization can have an image which pertains to its culture as culture plays a significant role in the formation, development and the progressive growth of an organization.

The work practices, business orientation as well as human relations in an organization are formed on the basis of the organizational culture. “The concept of culture has been linked increasingly with the study of organization. With the recognition of the symbolic aspects of organized settings have come calls for a cultural perspective on organizations.” (Smircich, 1983)

The theory of leadership and culture in an organization depicts that leadership and culture in an organizational are inter related with the culture affecting the way business is carried out in an organization. “The intersection of culture theory and organization theory is evident in five current research themes: comparative management, corporate culture, organizational cognition, organizational symbolism, and unconscious processes and organization.” (Smircich, 1983) The role of culture in an organization is such that the environment in the business, the interactions amongst the different functions, strategic decisions as well as day to day activities are affected by the predominant culture in the organization.

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Essay: Organization and Culture
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