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The culture in an organization is derived from its people. The relationship between an organization, the culture of the organization and its people is such that the culture is formed from the regional culture of the people and their ideology.Specially in the dynamic world of today, where organizations are increasingly become diverse entities having diverse work groups the culture of the organization can more aptly be referred to as a collection of subcultures. “When one brings culture to the level of the organization and even down to groups within the organization, one can see clearly how culture is created, embedded, evolved and ultimately manipulated, and , at the same time how culture constrains, stabilizes and provides structure”(Schein, 2004).

The derivation of the culture of any organization is based on the culture of the region, particularly that of its workforce. An organization is made up of the different components, much like a system, and as a result the culture of the organization is also made up of a collection of subcultures. “Organizational psychology is slowly evolving from an individualistic point of view toward a more integrated view based on social psychology, sociology, and anthropology.” (Schein, 1996)

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Essay: Organization as a Complex Anagram of Subcultures
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