Sample Essay is basically an online retailer which offered multiple products from diverse categories to the customer through a single platform. The culture at Amazon is that of spontaneous innovation which results in experimentation of business processes and activities.

This is mostly because of the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos. The innovative culture has brought about losses for the company in the short term; however in the long term it is going to be depicting usage pf new technology for business process management.

The strengths of the company pertain to the fact that is a global brand and well known through out the world. The business model of Amazon is also that of an e-tailer which is dynamic and cost effective in the long run while being innovative. The company also has a diverse product offering and a geographically diverse market. Aside from this the business for is constantly evolving. The weaknesses of pertain to a weak implementation strategy, the complexity of the recent business model, the cloudy performance being depicted to date and the aspect of free shipping claim which actually tends to delude the customers.

The strengths and the weaknesses of the organization as well as the organizational model and culture can greatly influence the strategy development process by contributing towards the implementation of the strategy and determining the best possible methodology for implementation.

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Essay: Organizational Analysis Of Amazon
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