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The chapter extension titled ‘Creating Social Reality: Organizations as Cultures’ can also be referenced in the fifth chapter, specifically where the fifth chapter of the book discusses the cultural influences of the regions on the management, particularly those of Europe, Britain, The United States of America as well as that of Asian countries like Japan.

The referencing can be made in context with the subcultures of the society and how they mold management in the company in these regions. Similarly the references can also be made also made where diverse organizational settings are discussed as the influence of the different subcultures in the organization can be highlighted where diverse work environments are being discussed.

The weakness that can be associated with organizational subcultures in organizations is that the presence of such multiple subcultures can create conflicts in the organization. It is possible for the subcultures to be different even though they may exist as part of the same organizational culture, however as subcultures are developed through the interactions in the organization, the presence variant subcultures can create friction through conflict as well

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Essay: ‘Organizations as Subcultures’ Overview
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