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Conformity is basically how individuals comply with a different pattern of social behavior and taking on a different social role. The conformity for social roles is usually brought on by the expectation of the individuals conforming on the basis of the punishments, and rewards they are to attain based on their choice of conformed roles.Normally it is considered that conformity to different social roles is usually a good thing, as it leads to better social integration as well as satisfaction for the individuals. This type of conformity to different social status and roles takes place when an individual is exposed to different social roles and is apparently attracted towards them, and therefore seeking benefits in conformity to the social roles.

However pressurized social conformity is not positive in nature and tends to be based on social pressure, threat of punishment and abandonment. Prominent figures in power and restriction of individuals in different roles tend to aggravate the situation and cause social conformity which can lead to unpleasant and unpredicted results.

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Essay: Overview of Conformity
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