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The chapter can be included in the book in conjunction with fifth 5 of the book or just after the fifth chapter of the book. However the most appropriate positioning for the chapter extension ‘Organizations as Subcultures’ would be as an insert in the fifth chapter.

This is because the content of the extension would be better comprehended and understood by the reader after the reader has undergone the overview of the role of culture in organizations as presented in the fifth chapter of the book. In the book by Gareth Morgan, the fifth chapter titled ‘Creating Social Reality: Organizations as Cultures’ deals with the aspect of organization and cultures building on how the cultures are significant in different organizations based on their origins in Britain, Japan, America and different management hubs in the world. The relationship between the organization and the culture is explained in detail in this chapter and as a result the reader should first read the fifth chapter of the book before reading the chapter extension titled ‘Creating Social Reality: Organizations as Cultures’ which should ideally be placed at the end of the fifth chapter as an insert.

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Essay: Overview of Organizations as Subcultures
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