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The strengths of the company pertain to the diversified geographical spread of the companies operations and product/ service offering. Other strengths of the company include a strong financial performance and a collection of the youngest fleet of aircrafts in the airline industry.The weaknesses of the company include the weak asset based turnover of the company in terms of revenue, and the unbalanced business portfolio pf the company. The business and profit generated by the company from its various functions and operations varies from time to time resulting I unbalanced performance of its portfolio. The threats that are faced by the company include the increasing cost of aviation fuel, the unrest in the Middle Eastern region which puts a strain on the companies operation in the region as well as causes hikes in the oil prices, and the increasing competition the company is facing from the new and smaller companies operating in the airline industry. The opportunities, however, that are present to the Singapore Airline company pertain to an increase in airline travel and demand for related services in the Asian and the Asian Pacific region, and the increase the in transportation traffic for cargo in the Asia Pacific and trans American region. The other opportunities that are available to the company pertain to offering its products and services to a more global market by operating as a global entity.

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Essay: Overview of Singapore Airlines Strength
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