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The company is a fast growing airline of increasing importance; As a result the competitors of the company include the top airlines of the industry including British Airways, Korean Airlines, China Airlines, Qantas Airways, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Continental Airlines, AMR, the US Airways Group, Virgin Atlantic Airways, SAS Group, Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Air France.

The company is one of the most innovative and fast performing airlines which has made a prominent position in the market and the industry for itself though innovative product and service offerings. The company has acquired an updated fleet of aircrafts for better quality of service to its customers.

The product offering for airlines in the global airline and aviation industry is very similar. Therefore in order to differentiate themselves, airline companies offer different types of customized services catered to the needs and the requirements of the flyer. However as the number of airlines in the global industry is increasing, the innovations in terms of product and service offerings is also becoming variant. In such market conditions it is important for an airline to properly maintain its service quality standards, while continuously improving on them for maximizing customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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Essay: Overview of Singapore Airlines
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