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The social roles as mentioned earlier are the specific behaviors, obligations as well as the rights that are acted upon by an individual on the basis of their position in the society.

The social norms theory states that when it comes to conformity to different social roles, the heavier of people is heavily influenced by the perception of others, as to how an individual should behave in the social position or in a social grouping. The social norms they depicts that in situations where harmful and negative behavior is not considered to be bad or has the characteristics of being typical, in such situation, the occurrence of such behavior becomes the norms without any regression.

In different social circumstances, the individuals are expected to conform to and play certain roles. In a formally organized and structured society, it is possible for an individual to attain and be responsible for more than one role. This is apparent by the role a female lays in a household. She is a mother, a wife, and a daughter. Similarly in context of a professional life she can be a leader, a subordinate, a messenger as well as a negotiating party. The roles for the people are constantly changing bead on the context in which new roles may arise or become more important than other roles

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Essay: Overview of Social Roles
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