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The three giants of the fast food market have specific meals and deals that are targeted towards the children. The McDonalds has the ‘Happy Meal’ while KFC has the ‘Chicky Meal’.

The average package for the children ion the above mentioned meal includes a piece of fried chicken, a small burger with cheese and topping options, French fries as well as a serving of drink. As a promotion material the companies also add along a branded toy, like HotWheels and Shrek miniatures by McDonalds and the more recent BayBlade toys.

Aside form this there are other companies in the market as well, which are diverging into the kid’s meal product offering. This includes Taco Bell which is now changing its image into a global chain of Mexican fast food provider. “The fast food outlet now offers a low-fat Border Lights menu and children’s meals packages with toys. It is now marketing separately to three clienteles namely the cost-conscious core customers, children and older clients.” (‘TacoBellseeks multiple markets with kids’ meals, ‘Border Lights’’, 1995)

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Essay: Overview of the Fast Food Market
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