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Our marketing game is a five year plan and the strategy aims to have a focus for each year.

Premeter 3 will be initially targeted towards educational users only that is schools, colleges and universities. The reason is that this segment is a growing market and shall promise continous growth.

The office users segment is the highest contributing share in the market but it is a segment that has reached saturation and competition is very tough in the segment. Therefore, we shall focus on the second most growing and contributing segment of the market that is educational users. This segment shall grow and in the next five year it will be the highest contributing segment. Developing a foundation and building brand equity initially will provide a support and will also fuel the expansion into other segments.

Year 1: This will be the foundation year for Premeter 3 and the major strategy will be to provide the consumers with high quality at affordable prices which might incur losses as well. But since our strategy is to develop the product and the wordprocessing industry is such that the past does not matter since its meeting the customer needs on a timely basis that decides the success of a business.

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Essay: Overview of the Marketing Game for Premeter 3
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