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As depicted in the Cashtrack case the employee by the name of Paley is aware of the issues that are being reported against the company and the problems that are actually being faced by the company at the different levels of management in company.He was also aware of the customers’ perception of the company and how they actually relate to the operations of the business. IN his solution he justified his actions by backing it up with customer responses to different actions that were executed by other similar corporate solution providers.

Paley defined the identified problem in two different ways. He stated that the original problem that is leading to all the misconception and the increasing number of complaints relate to the increasing level of transactions processing errors that are being faced by the company. Additionally he also specified that the speed of speed of correction of and attitude towards the level of transaction processing errors was particularly important and not just the level of the errors. Secondly he also made a point of stating that the company Lectrobank’s is facing just about the same kind and type of errors that are being experienced by the competitors. The level of the errors is just about the same as well but the decrease in the reputation of the company in relation to these errors is mostly due to the improper personal relation (PR) execution of the company. In the structure of the company the account officers are mostly responsible for dealing with the clients and it is their lack of competence in relationship management and building which is resulting in the decreasing reputation of the business.

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Essay: Paley’s Solution for Lectrobank
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