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My personal preferred choice for the option that should be implemented is the solution proposed by Dever. The reason for this being the preferred option is that the solution provided by Dever is more of a value added service which can be implemented in the long run as the differentiation factor that the company will have relative to the other companies in the same business.

Moreover e-banking on a large scale would also multiply the operations of the company and would reap much better results in the long run. Although Paleys option is also attractive it has the significant problem of being termed as a shoddy job or a temporary solution for the problem. The solution would work completely fine but with the passage of time issues regarding compatibility of the system with the current system in place at the company will come about. Moreover the company would be restricted regarding the upgrade required for the system as it might not exit.

Therefore Dever solution is more attractive however it does not provide for a the time constraint factor for this it would be recommended that the company should launch pilot test version of the system for the order processing and transfer request options as per Dever’s solution to provide for a comparatively quick solution which can be updated and changed as the solution is implemented in the rest of the company.

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Essay: Paley’s Vs Dever’s Solution for Lectrobank
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