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The purpose of this paper is to identify how consumerism has affected the lives of the people in the Middle East. The paper focuses on exploring the concept of consumerism as it is applied to the region ofMiddle East.

The aspect of globalization is also explored to determine how the economic progression of the Middle Eastern countries has encouraged the culture of consumerism and materialistic obsession which is ultimately leading to the erosion the eradication of the cultural identity of moral fiber in the society as well as contributing to of the people in theMiddle East.

Consumerism is basically a social movement that has been initiated to relate the buyers and sellers rights. The movement incorporates the concept of the buyers having the right to choose what they want to consume, being well informed about their choices, while their choices reflecting their concern for safety as well. The concept of consumerism from free choice and right of buyers has evolved to a more complex obsession with shopping and consuming materialistic possessions. Now some of the problems that have been associated with consumerism include increase in the level of inequalities, high unemployment rates, high level of debt, as well as environmental damage caused by the corporations that fulfill the demands of the consumers.

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Essay: Paper on Consumerism
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