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E-tailing is a relatively new concept in internet based commerce which has been picking up pace all around the world in the retail markets. Both food and non food retailers are taking up e-tailing to improve the scope of their business and attain access to a wider target market for higher levels of sales and profits.

The following paper provides an introduction to online retailing and how food and non food businesses can be successfully set up in the retail market ionHong Kong. The paper also highlights the benefits that can be attained through e-tailing and the problems and issues that are associated with it. A successful organization for e-tailing has also been depicted along with actionable recommendations that can push a retailer to commence e-tail operations on the internet.

E-tailing is essentially retailing on the internet through a website or a portal while conducting sales transactions with the customers. “E-tailing or the virtual storefront and the virtual mall as a place for direct retail shopping, with its 24-hour availability, a global reach, the ability to interact and provide customer information and ordering, and multimedia prospects, make E-commerce a rapidly becoming a multibillion dollar source of revenue for the world’s businesses” (Reddy & Iyer, 2002). Online retail is a recent trend that has been taken up by the trade and retail industry worldwide. The feasibility of catering to a wide audience through a centralized portal is attractive to may businesses as it tends to decreases the barriers to entry into the retail sector. However in order to successfully build an e-tail business, it is important to consider the principles of commerce and trade on the interest.

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Essay: Paper on E-tailing
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