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The dissertation in question here pertains to the analysis of the marketing strategies employed by the retailers around the globe and how these marketing strategies can be employed by UTC PlcNigeria.

Therefore it should be mentioned that no marketing strategies for retailers specific to Nigeria or Africa were unearthed in the papers searched through the online library. However, were exposed to papers on strategies employed by retail giants and market leaders like Wal-Mart, Harrods, Next, ASDA and other retailers which can be employed in the Nigerian retail market by UTC Plc. The papers that were fond through the search did to a great extent provide the results that were expected.

Through the research, we were able to review models and theories for marketing in the retail industry which can be employed by UTC plc in the Nigerian retail market. Some of these strategies pertained to community based marketing (Black & Farley, 1977), segmenting the target market according to their needs and requirements and providing them with the demanded goods and services as well as customized retail experience for the consumers. Aside from these strategies, more can also be employed, however a more in-depth search on the topic needs to be conducted to determine which strategies are feasible for UTC Plc in the Nigerian retail industry.

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Essay: Papers that helped in Marketing Dissertation
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